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  • I don’t have an answer. I am a long time player. One of my greatest enjoyments and why I keep playing is there is “team” component in the challenge (more stars, more rewards). But I could always play on my own schedule. One week, get my stars early,…
  • What Welly said. I also like the charging trait on the flare gun. I use it a lot. Just one of my favorites and would like a second.
  • This is my request. I want the flare gun. But I just saw the announcement about the council upgrade. So if can’t be added tomorrow, now I am cool waiting until the council upgrade for it to be offered @Fluxxx
  • @Karajoca DoomSquad is not enforcing minimums in the higher guilds right now because of the need to farm for tomatoes. But I am not farming. So I was staying in the higher guild so I could give them stars. And even if they were enforcing mins, they …
  • @Karajoca I rarely complain and I most definitely have the right to complain if I want to. I don’t really give a shit about rps or stars for me personally. This is to me about communication. If @Vane had told us that the compensation would automatic…
  • @Kaz I think the most important thing is that we have more than one week to see the impact of a change. If you change it again the following week, no one really can properly assess. I will be going into this with a high number of round passes. Since…
  • @Kaz I am a bit frustrated. If @Pain_Walker, @ALF4reals and all the other content creators are not going to timely post on the video thread in the forums, it is not cool to bury the announcement in another thread. While this was fun for a lot of peo…
  • I will be in the minority on the forums, but I am happy with the current format. Basically adding in ultimate challenge stuff is a game killer for me. So for me, this might kill the game finally
  • 12 UTC is 8 am ET not 11
  • I think at some point we will need three Distance modes. Maybe we are there now?
  • I know I will be in the minority, but I personally don’t like the ultimate challenge
  • Got 2122. Finally beat my PB that was from the old format
  • > @ShadowaceAz said: > Am I the only one chasing Tomatoes so I can upgrade buildings? I will just buy 1 weapon, 2 at most, this coming week. I want to stay close to max
  • @Kaz do we have to collect the prizes in order? Or can I hold off on that gas til that perfect moment? 😁
  • > @bladgier said: > @Kaz I did all that. Get one advert every hour now. > Used to be 2x 4 Fully close your game. Don’t play at all for a full hour. Then see. If still an issue, open a ticket
  • @Kaz nothing shows me that, though now I can see it within. But it also lost all the early reactions when it got before you merged. I really don’t care. Just not easily noticed
  • > @romeo said: > i think 18 in one hour is bad. thats like a non event phone drops. It is likely better but no thing like previous events
  • @Kaz @Teeceezy Because of the nerfed radio event, I will not be obsessively playing the game this weekend. I will get to read, visit friends, go for a walk. I appreciate you encouraging heathy lifestyle choices for me.
  • @MattOfEarth no pitchforks. Just saying it doesn’t “feel” right. And I am actually happy. Really. I won’t spend my weekend playing this game. I have really been trying to cut back but the old radio event would have sucked me in. So I am truly thankf…
  • > @Serp said: > I have a feeling @Teeceezy isn’t overly concerned with your weekend plans. Probably true.
  • @DLich while I know we don’t know what it was before, I have run several Tara missions already this morning and most I got zero radios. That is definitely different and way less. So while we can’t prove it was nerfed on the percent chance, experienc…
  • > @paintbeast said: > They added 10 to 5/5. Guess I should have waited to complain til I finished! Someone can close this thread. Now I am happy as they have increased the phones!
  • I am not anti-heroes as I am learning all the time how to use them more and more (wow Morgan is useful!). And I like FTWD. But I would not want FTWD heroes in this game. There are other folks in TWD that I would like to see added first (including so…
  • But I would need the bruiser event with it (or maybe charged assaults). I had a lot of fun with this. Sure, I didn’t make it far with my alt, but I got to where I have been getting lately with my main (not using much gold still to get there). And I …
  • If this was rigged, because this is a talking dead promo, Rufus would win