Patch Notes 14.0

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What’s new in 14.0?

This update includes more Chapters to the Storyline Missions, enhancements to Free Roam, and multiple fixes and performance improvements. Also, some surprises in Combat to make Walkers go crazy.

Coming soon:
Brand new Events, and yet-to-be-revealed Perks and Heroes! In addition, there will be layout changes to Missions.

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

  • Dynamic Mission fixes (available after 6th of July)
  • Dynamic Mission timer should now show the correct timer (available after 6th of July)
  • Dynamic Mission rarity should not change during an active timer (available after 6th of July)
  • Fix for Hershel’s Trauma Box description extending beyond the screen
  • Added walker information to pop-up for nearby out-of-reach missions if Weekly Missions have been unlocked or if member of a Group
  • Fix for Banner color in Free Roam to remain red during Grace Period
  • Fix for freeze caused by tapping the screen multiple times during the Free Roam Tutorial
  • Fix for frozen game if Free Roam Tutorial triggers and there are pending Season Rewards
  • Travelling to and from a flare will end Free Roam's Grace Period
  • Added display info for time remaining (1 min) while in Free Roam
  • Movement on Free Roam won’t be paused when inspecting a mission, or interacting with the news hub or shop offers carousel
  • Card Collection improvements
  • Mission loading and returning time improvements
  • Fix for display issues on some phones with camera notches
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Known Bugs:
  • Visual Bug: Health bar of the companion is shown empty in the first raider mission after log in.
  • Visual Bug: New Storyline Missions related - when 2 or more companions are injured in combat, only one of them is shown as injured on post-screen battle
  • Visual Bug: Sniper reticle frozen on the screen when holding the shot at the end of the mission
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