WDOW Energy System Guide by Firi38

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WDOW Energy System Guide by Firi38

-EDIT 2/23/20 This rough cap of 150 may be closer to 100-120 now, but otherwise still follows the 4 hour time blocks. Epic/Rare crates have a separate cap, though It's likely related to the qty of crates collected than the qty of eng from them.

The purpose of this guide is to help players optimize their play time by maximizing their energy usage. For the vast majority, the finer points wont apply as you just don't play enough, though the game mechanics explanation may be of value to you. For those wanting to play more hardcore or you just want to "up your game" this is for you.

Let's start with the basics. You have an energy bar that has a soft cap of somewhere between 25 and 56 depending on the level of your Sheriff's Duffel Bag. When your Energy goes below this soft cap a timer will start counting down to refill 1 energy. Currently the default timer is 5 minutes. There are some events that will modify this timer. For the purpose of this guide we will base everything refill timer related on this 5 minute timer.

There are two things that can bypass this soft cap. The first is collecting crates. This introduces another soft cap of 99. That is the most that any energy rewarded from non-"store" energy. Any energy received from crates when you are at 99 will go into the black hole of energy that you never see again. There is a 4 hour window on how much energy you can get. The first crate you collect with energy starts this 4 hour timer. The most energy you can collect in that 4 hour period is roughly 150. If you are going around collecting crates and you are getting nothing but coins or other inventory items, you have hit this 4 hour collection cap. Finding Epic and Rare crates use to bypass this, but that is no longer the case. As you get closer to the 150 cap, you will get fewer and fewer energy units each crate reward.

The other way to bypass the softcap, both the perk limit softcap and the 99 softcap, is purchasing energy from the store. There is no cap on this energy (to my knowledge, maybe one of the whales has found a cap when loading up for the week, but unlikely). Any energy you purchase will be added to your current stock of energy. The energy you purchase with coins from the store are included as well as level up rewards.

Some daily quests and raiders give energy as a reward. These do not follow the crate collection limit, but they do follow the 99 softcap limit.

Knowing the above you can calculate and create play sessions that use this the best.

Here is a rough breakdown of how much energy is available to you throughout one 24 hour period.

Energy costs:

Encounter / Rescue - 1
Rare Encounter - 3
Epic Encounter - 5
Infests - 9, 3/stage
Rare - 12, 3/stage
Epic - 15, 3/stage

Energy Sources:

1 / 5 mins
288 / day from time if always under perk softcap
150 avg / 4 hours from crates - timer starts on first claim of crate
900 / day

75 vs 3000 coin (25x 250, 750, 2000 coin)

Total daily energy if perfect crate and cap juggling:

Realistic Energy daily with two play sessions

As you can see from the above, You have access to 1200+ energy a day if your willing to play every 4 hours when you can collect energy from crates. Realistically, you will play 1 or 2 extended sessions, greatly influenced by your own personal schedule.

So, with these things in mind, you can plan out your play sessions a little bit more. If you have a regular play schedule where you know you will be on the move with a good supply of crates, aim for collecting 1 crate 3-3.5 hours before that play time to activate your 4 hour window. Then you can just burn through as much energy as possible in that first 30-60 mins of play time and wont have much worry of hitting your collection cap seeing as it will reset in a quick manner.

For example, your regular play times are 9-11 am and 6-10 pm (18-22 for everyone else). When you wake up at 6 am, collect 1 crate. When you start playing at 9 am, you will have 1 more hour in your 4 hour window to collect 150 total energy before the timer resets. You burn through as much energy as you can as you play and collect every crate you can find in that first hour of play. At 10 am your 4 hour timer resets and you have a fresh set of energy from crates til 2 pm (14) so you monster through as much energy use and crate collection you can til you stop playing around 11 am. Around 4 pm you hop in game and collect crates until you get some energy which makes sure you 4 hour timer is running (if you played any past 2 pm, you may have an active timer that will reset at 6 pm in this example, so keep that in mind when collecting crates). When you start your main play again at 6 pm, you will have 2 hours til your 4 hour timer resets again at 8 pm, so you play a little more conservatively than your morning session, but you also have to burn through 75 coin energy before the store resets at 7 pm (est). so you power through all. 7 pm rolls around and the store resets for coin energy. You do your 6 daily missions, but do not claim it for now as annoying as that popup is every time. Continue playing until 8 pm and your crate energy resets again and you start blasting through your last bit of energy for the day and collect your daily mission for a few more energy when you are finally running low.

6 am Start energy timer, ends at 10 am
9 am Start play - 1 hour til crate reset
10 am New energy timer, ends at 2 pm
11 am Stop play

4 pm Start energy timer, ends at 8 pm
6 pm Start play - 2 hours til crate reset
7 pm (est) Coin energy in store resets
8 pm New energy timer - ends at 12 am
10 pm Stop play

Out of this example you should have access to roughly 700 energy for 233 infestations battles, 700 rescues/encounters, or any combination of the two. You can do a lot of variations of this sort of schedule to fit your game play. If you are constantly running into energy issues, maybe this will help you solve that a bit. If you are nearing your crate cap, start doing just rescues (or if you must, encounters - the reward for encounters are the worst in the game currently) until you start getting energy again.

As you can see, with a little bit of planning and good mobility, you can easily play this game as f2p or f2plite at a very high level. Most Top 25 groups require 100-200 missions completed a day. Your most significant investment will be time. Even as a p2w player, you can spend less on energy and more on flares or other packs. Everyone wins!

TL:DR Collect 1 Energy crate 3ish hours before you start your regular play.

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