Token Event: Hot Shots

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Hot Shots

Aim for the head, survivors! During the Hot Shots event, gain tokens by killing any Walker (except Spiked Walker) with Headshots while using any Sniper Rifle! Use those Tokens to earn extra Dead Hot Tokens or exchange them for select Legendary Weapons!
Event Dates
Starts on Monday July 6th and ends on Friday July 10th at 08:00 UTC.
How to earn Pink Summer Tokens

Earn 3 Pink Summer Tokens per any Walker (except Spiked Walker) kill with Sniper Headshots! Please note that only Headshot kills give Tokens.
Event Shop Offers
  • Dead Hot Tokens -> Exchange 2 000 Pink Summer Tokens for 400 Dead Hot Tokens (1-time available).
  • Legendary Guardian Sniper Rifle -> Exchange 2 000 Pink Summer Tokens for 10 Cards (1-time available).
  • Epic Ranger Sniper Rifle -> Exchange 750 Pink Summer Tokens for 75 Cards (3-times available).
  • Rare Scout Sniper Rifle -> Exchange 500 Pink Summer Tokens for 750 Cards (2-times available).
  • Common Hunter Sniper Rifle -> Exchange 250 Pink Summer Tokens for 1 500 Cards (1-time available).
  • Explorer Pack -> Exchange 250 Pink Summer Tokens for 1 Explorer Pack (2-times available).
  • Compass -> Exchange 100 Pink Summer Tokens for 1 Compass (2-times available).
Minimum Level Requirements
The event is available for everyone on level 5 or above.
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