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RR DYNASTY - Our World's biggest and best Alliance is Recruiting new members and teams!
Come slay in one of our teams or just come to make friends on our Discord Server. Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your team! We will place you on a team that matches your own game play and activity level. You do not have to rotate. You will always have a home with us.
Requirements range anywhere from Free Play - to 2,000+ MC (missions complete).
We also have a group focused strictly on events, super fun and run by Pain Walker! 
 If this sounds like something that might interest you, join the discord link and mention this ad!
Our Discord server has a tonne of fun & helpful channels that all members have access to! We may be 20 teams, but we are 1 family.
Come see what everyone is talking about! Be a part of something amazing! Be a part of the RR DYNASTY!
We use Discord to communicate. 


  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,646
    There is also an Event only Group... So no MC  :)

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    As soon as I joined RR Dynasty, i knew I had found my forever home. We are a right bunch of dirty minded ****ers lol.

    We have an awesome community, we have a lot of fun and with 20 teams currently, we have a team to match any level of play. 10 of our teams are on the Leaderboard, we have Free Play groups and we even have an Events Only team ran by Pain Walker. Something for everyone. 😘
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    I joined RRemnants at the start of the last season. Found an ad randomly on reddit I think and im so glad I found u guys!
    I was in a team who’d lost interest and therefore I was losing interest too.
    I love being with people who are competitive in game but also supportive if you’ve got shit going down in the real world!
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    RR DYNASTY - Blood Brothers
  • Sheva69Sheva69 Member Posts: 23
     **👑RR Dynasty👑**

    ✅ Sore back from carrying your team?
    ✅ Looking for more?
    __**We have it all! Active teams for everyone!**__

    Get the cards you need to upgrade faster, play Our Worlds best flares and hang out with the best of the best! 

    ☆ We have teams ranging from "Free Play" to 2k+. 
    ☆ We accept every player, no matter how new or how experienced you are. 
    ☆ We work with every language and break all barriers. 

    ☆ We are all equal here. 

    **Bring your team, Bring your friends, or come solo.**

    Beat the game racing or chase candy. Your choice. 

    Our server is jam packed with the lastest OW news, hints, tips, jokes, friendly brags and amazing conversation. 

    Stop hitting road blocks and find your true OW potential. 

    Join **👑RR Dynasty👑**. The only thing you will regret, is that you hadn't done it sooner.

    18 teams to choose from, come find your new forever home!
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