Happy 2nd birthday, Our World!

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Happy 2nd birthday, Our World! 🎉

We’ve passed another year battling Walkers in our backyards. To mark Our World’s second anniversary, we’ve been busy getting the celebrations ready!
So, what’s on offer on our celebratory day? To start, even the Walkers are celebrating: you’ll find Party Hat Walkers throughout the game. We’ll also be lighting up the Our World Map sky with a fireworks display and you’ll find other mission decorations to help you get into the festive and nostalgic anniversary feeling. Between Sunday July 12th 08:00 UTC and Monday July 13th 08:00 UTC, you will also have an increased chance to find random Legendary Cards from Infestations, and if you hit the jackpot, a Legendary Wildcard!
But that’s not all; we have a gift in the Shop for you! This gift pack includes 2 Legendary Cards, 22 Epic Cards, 222 Rare Cards, 2 Flares, 2 Compasses, 2 Terminus Maps, 22 Energy and 22 Grenades.
This pack is available for everyone on level 7 or above, and you can claim it until 14 of July 08.00 UTC.
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