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It’s me again Margret......Hang on, cause this is gonna be a long one.....I wanted to first say thank your for rolling back the flare timer.  It was a move that was appreciated by the entire community and I hope that you consider making a permanent change.  Now that you have stated that some of the “covid-perks” we rescinded too early, will the 1 hr. infests respawns be returning as well?  Again not to sound “ungrateful” but when its difficult to get out for fear of what you catch” having to reflare infestations just to wait till almost the end of the reflare to hit it again is...frustrating to say the least.  
  Speaking of frustrations, lets talk about the tier/board designs.  Again of the things that were immediately instituted was to remove mission specific tiles (ie. kill 6,000 Spiked Walkers in Epic Encounters with headshots using Sledgehammer Shotgun).  While I joke about the combination, again the situation that we find ourselves in is making these tiles extremely frustrating to deal with.  
  In terms of actual energy that you guys are requesting for some of these boards is getting ridiculous (again - bordering on the same that was being introduced in the “season of strike”.  For example (and these are just energy need approximations):

Tier 17 -   11,165
Tier 18 -   14,600
Tier 19 -   23,390
Tier 20 -   32,000
Tier 21 -   38,500

Now, yes these can be mitigated by Herschel’s, Negan and Negan’s SMG, but the fact remains that the energy being asked for and the grind being required.  For example, 12,000 encounters with 6,000 split between 2 separate of which has not been in the game long and will not be a “good” hero to employ for such a grind is just.....not fun...and in the end, this is a game, shouldn’t it provide enjoyment for your patrons/customers?  At the end of the day the board requirements are scaling way too high, way too fast.
  I understand that you want finishing tier 25 to be an accomplishment and something a group can be proud of, but I think the pride of finishing shouldn’t outweigh the amount of burnout that you are putting your players through.  Yes I know and understand that there are already teams that have finished.  I’ve also heard from them that in some of those groups large numbers of their players are done because the grind and FINANCIAL COST, just isn’t worth it.  I really think that as a whole the developers and game administrators should re-evaluate the boards, board requirements and reward system.  Would it really be a bad thing if more groups had the opportunity to finish (or even just PLAY) the missions in tier 25?  We tell you all the time that the card pool is diluted, to help with that, give more players a chance for that Tier 25 reward.  For the “hardcore” groups, you could provide a “bonus reward” but REALLY make it worth the amount of money they are spending on your product (maybe where first place gets 250 legendary cards. and 2nd gets 100 and 3rd gets 75 (and then maybe 4-10 gets an additional 50 and 11-20 gets 25) in addition to epics (which is a whole other issue that needs to be discussed) and rare cards.  Something/ANYTHING to justify the amount of money that is required to support these top end groups.
  Finally, and this is especially for the older player, since there is no benefit at all to leveling up (ie your level doesn’t affect the amount of damage that your weapons or heroes do), can there be a way to roll back or refund coins that have been spent on cards (capped by what you can hold in morgan’s bag).  Over the years we have been forced to inadvertently push our Player power level up by leveling up crap heroes or weapons for tiles that have never been seen again which puts your most seasoned players at a tactical disadvantage over a lower level player that hasn’t pushed their PPL (so a player that is lvl 27 and has a ppl around 23 is at a serious disadvantage in comparison to a lvl 12 player with a ppl around 8-10 when we have to do a Steven Fuentes rescue tile - or something along those lines).  Being able to “de-level or roll back”  our ppl would help even the difference that is being faced by these elder players.
  I realize this has been a long read with probably too much in one post, but I hope that you guys will look at the state of the game and address these issues going forward!

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  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161
    I liked everything you wrote. I don't understand how so many players keep saying the same things over and over yet nothing gets done about it. 
  • NachteuleNachteule Member Posts: 11
    we have exactly the same problems in our team.  I just say hit hammer.  we also give new players the chance to play and we don't want to kick new players out directly, but they almost can't help with the boards.  thus we lack high level players, but that is no longer fair.
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    The one thing I will say is that most players focus more on the race to 25 and not the final board total, merely because of the monotonous nature and cost of repeating 25. So I do think there needs to be rewards for leaderboard instituted, but also it will be very important that is teams are pushed to repeat tier 25 that it is written to be fun and rewarding for players.

    As a suggestion, Tiers 21 and 22 were pretty good this season, and the old 24 was an excellent tier. To me, a well written tier gives players the opportunity to play most things that they would want to for the board, and doesn't force them into a choice between playing for themselves or for the board. So it is important to allow players to play epics and rares, bases, outposts, infests, rescues, even maybe a couple encounters, so that whatever a player finds and wants to play has some ability to be fully utilized and flares are more efficiently engaged.
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    I notice the post that airs the most constructive sense and gives the best player insight is the one that doesn’t get get a response? Same old NG nothing changes, fancy new forum but same old approach to criticism even when given in a positive and constructive manner, lessons still haven’t been learned....tut tut
  • MightyMidgetPamMightyMidgetPam Member Posts: 7
    My team has bee stuck  repeating tier  14  for  what will be the  3rd week now,  HOW can you but a common single shot  weapon on a GOLD  tier and expect  everyone to get 2750  headshots?   We have some pretty high level players and  for the whole time   I have played we have never been stuck this way.  It is crazy.   I can see why people  resort to cheating,  They get tired of spending weeks repeating the same thing only to get a worthless  bow. that we already got in  previous  season 
  • warriorbitchwarriorbitch Member Posts: 3
    This is so true! We do have the same problem. We are unique Team and play almost together for two years now. The first levels of the season are always lots of fun. Bad as soon as we get to the higher levels, it is only working working working. It is frustrating. Travel quit far everyday. Safe houses from other players are rare and are getting more less every week. It seems you loose your clients.

    You will need to change the game systems if you do not want to lose more players. 

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