Token Event: Picklemania

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Picklemania Event

Survivors, we are in a real pickle with the newest event in Our World! Earn Pickles by clearing Pickle Infestations, with an added bonus when you use our pickle-lover genius Eugene as your companion. This Event is only available on 14.0 - make sure that you have updated your game to the latest version!
Event Dates
Starts on Monday July 13th and ends on Friday July 24th at 08:00 UTC.

Pickle Infestations
For the duration of the event you’ll find Pickle Infestations around your location in Our World. Pickle Infestations will have a special icon. Each Pickle Infestation is a challenging 5-stage Infestation, containing a selection of Our World’s most dangerous Walkers! Earn Pickles from each stage of a Pickle Infestation you complete, and gain a large bonus of Pickles for completing the Infestation.

How to earn Pickles

Earn 10 Pickles per stage completed (including 5th stage) in any Pickle Infestation! When clearing it, you will receive extra Pickles. Clearing a Common Pickle Infestation provides you with a bonus of 50 Tokens, the Rare gives you 60, and the Epic 100 Pickles!

Earn an extra 5 Pickles per stage (including 5th stage), by using any Eugene. Completing a Common Pickle Infestation with any Eugene, will reward you with a total of 125 Pickles, a Rare Infestation with 135 Pickles, and an Epic Infestation with 175 Pickles.

Event Shop Offers
  • Dead Hot Tokens -> Exchange 3 000 Pickles for 500 Dead Hot Tokens (1-time available).
  • Legendary Eugene's Pickle Jar -> Exchange 4 000 Pickles for 8 Cards. After this, you can exchange 2 000 Pickles 3 times for 5 Card.  
  • Legendary Eugene -> Exchange 1 500 Pickles for 4 Cards. After this, you can exchange 1 250 Pickles for 4 Cards, and then again 1 000 Pickles 3 times for 4 more cards.
  • Epic Eugene Porter -> Exchange 750 Pickles for 40 Cards. After this, you can exchange 625 Pickles for 40 Cards, and then again 500 Pickles 5 times for 40 more cards.
  • Roamer Crate -> Exchange 800 Pickles for 1 Roamer Crate (1-time available).
  • Explorer Pack -> Exchange 400 Pickles for 1 Explorer Pack (3-times available).
  • Compass -> Exchange 150 Pickles for 1 Compass (5-times available).
Minimum Level Requirements
Event is only available if you are level 5 or higher.
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