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For those who've been around for two years playing The Walking Dead: Our World, you already know how great this game is. It has built friendships with people across the world and has created bonds close enough to call some of these people family.
Our World Community (OWC) and the Our World Player Community (OWPC) Discord servers are holding events on Wednesday July 15th 2pm UTC (OWC) and Thursday July 16th 1pm UTC (OWPC) to celebrate the two year anniversary of Our World.
They will be hosting live chats with me! I know some of you have seen live video feeds of interviews and this will be like no other you've heard.

Come join me on July 15th and 16th, get to know me and the others! 
Follow the links and join us:
BobE1985aharshmanPain WalkerAdoraswtsugarme
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