Recent Exploit in The Walking Dead: Our World

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Dear Survivors,
We were recently made aware of an exploit within The Walking Dead: Our World. For a short period of time, some players used this to give themselves an unfair advantage over other players and Groups.
In accordance with our Terms of Use ( and Fair Play Policy (, and in light of the severity of this exploit, the players who abused it have been permanently banned and their Groups disbanded.
We take issues of this nature extremely seriously and any player discovered to be cheating risks losing their account permanently. Providing a fair and level playing field for everyone is an important part of our continuing commitment to you, the players.
Thank you to the players who contacted us, shared details of these exploits, and helped us protect this community for everyone.
Best regards,
Our World team

Note: We would like to refrain from naming players and groups that had actions taken against them, and we hope you could do the same. Also, even though Rules #3 and #7 restrict you from posting info on exploits or disclosing cheaters' names and groups publicly, we are always happy to receive your reports via in-game Player Support.
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