Token Event: Stash Roam

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Stash Roam Event

During the next 3 days you'll find Stash Tokens inside every Supply Crate alongside the usual contents. Use those Tokens to unlock a brand new Epic Perk - Judith's Compass!
Event Dates
Starts on Monday July 27th and ends on Thursday July 30th at 08:00 UTC.
How to earn Stash Tokens?

Earn Stash Tokens in every Supply Crate collected! Inside a Common Supply Crate, you will find 1 to 5 Stash Tokens, inside a Rare Supply Crate 5 to 10 and inside a Epic Supply Crate 10 to 50 Stash Tokens.
Event Offers
  • Epic Judith's Compass -> Exchange 2 500 Stash Tokens for 2 Cards. After this, you can exchange 1 000 Stash Tokens 5 times for 1 Card. 
  • Daryl's Bike -> Exchange 1 500 Stash Tokens for 3 days of Daryl's Bike (1-time available). 
  • Roamer Crate -> Exchange 1 200 Stash Tokens for 1 Roamer Crate (1-time available).
  • Flare -> Exchange 400 Stash Tokens for 1 Flare (2-times available).
  • Compass -> Exchange 200 Stash Tokens for 1 Compass (2-times available).
Minimum Level Requirements
Event is only available if you are level 5 or higher.
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