Exchanging Supplies

Hello, would be nice to be able to exchange supplies within our team and our team members. 


  • rotagillArotagillA Member Posts: 21
    I played other games in which you could swap cards within your alliance.  For instance, you could request a certain card (i.e. Eugene’s Pickle Jar).  I could give you some of my cards (actual amount limited by the game based on rarity).

    I liked that feature and I wish OW had it.  It helps players grow as long as they don’t request the same legendary cards over and over.
  • LessjaLessja Member Posts: 1
    Agree. this option would be very useful. For example I rarely use flares cause in my area there are not many spots with a lot of missions. So I could give flares to my team members!
    I asked Admin about this exchanging Supplies with team mates and they said I could be possible in the future so hopefully we can do it sooner than later I'm excited
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