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RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 81
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Why did you close the season shop already? All these other shops get left open forever and the season shop is closed after just a few days... lost a few of my tokens now... 


  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 82
    If ur not fast your last...
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161
    It usually only stays a few days. That stinks.
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 81
    Yes is the most important shop and the other ones are there forever... is my own fault as was distracted with moving to a different state..but think they should consider a little longer for 6 weeks of earning during a season versus their few day events that last forever 
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 542
    Hello @Remorah. Please send a Support message and we will help you out this time around. However, please remember that Event/Season Shops are only open during 48h after the event/season has ended.
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 81
    That is sweet of you Filipe... thank you!
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