Couldn't get in, Gold gone

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Hi, last Friday night and Saturday morning I couldn't got into the game with the message "fixing problems". I spent 500 Gold in the shop for getting the Judith's compass. But I kicked out of the game and didn't got it because of couldn't got into the game, after later LogIn the Shop was gone. Now I don't have the compass or my gold either! After writing the Support, they told me, it was my internet problem! No, it was YOUR server issues and I'm angry that I lost my gold and for telling me, it was my problem!


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    Following..  would like to see the response.  Really sucks, I hope you get compensated. 
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    You should keep messaging support. But yes, that's messed up. They often seem to blame the player's internet connection when that's not the issue at all.
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    @HellMel that is really annoying. 

    What is your in game name and team  (DM if you prefer). 
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    @Dhalia thx
    Hi, I allready received a PM from NG_Filipe, he will check. Hope, he will be helpfull
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    Hello @HellMel. There was no gold purchase during Saturday, on Friday latest session you had 360 Gold, on Saturday first session after watching a video ad, you ended up with 370 Gold (+10 Gold).

    No Purchase was made since you did not have the gold for it. However, let's discuss this in private. Support side messages are also being analysed.

    I will close this post meanwhile.
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