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I realize that some people have brought up the thought of reimplementing some new perks.  But I would like to specifically discuss the topic of infestation respawn timers.  Looking back at the statistics worldwide on March 23 (the day this perk was implemented), there were a total of 42,169 new covid-19 cases worldwide.  On July 31 that number was at 290,100.  That is almost 7 times the number of daily cases!!  Yet (as was made evident by board 3 of the Ultimate tier of the mini season...7500 infest battles...really) the developers seem to be ok with its players needing to go out in public more and put themselves at a greater risk hunting something that could (and has) been easily, if not fixed, at least eased.  I don’t know if you guys even think about the unintended consequences of the blatant abuse of YOUR customers/Players.  Teams will ALWAYS rise to the challenge and do what is needed to succeed because of what is admittedly a GREAT game concept which promotes digital friendships and a camaraderie that makes them want to work/play for each other to ensure they don’t let their friends and group down.  But this is also creating a MASSIVE amount of burnout especially in your top tier groups (which also are the ones spending the most money).  In our alliance alone we almost QUINTUPLED the amount of “retiree’s/taking a break” players from our worst season and time and time again the reason is the same.  The reward from you just isn’t worth the cost that we as players are paying.  Instead of sitting back and REACTING to current circumstances, maybe its time to be PROACTIVE and at least start by throwing your players a little bone as we start a new season. As always thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear some kind of response in 3-5 days......or longer if there’s a holiday......

Miggz - Lead of DC Zero; DC Alliance

P.S. The compensation crates are borderline insulting for what is being lost in regards to play time and resources.


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