You might be addicted to TWD: Our World if....

DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 108

You might be addicted to TWD: Our World if......

You drop the kids off at school and drive home the long way just so you can flare for your team. 

Share the ways you might know your addicted to TWD:Our World below.


  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 8
    Here are some more... these are not mine, just sharing from my teammates...
    13. When you factor in if the area is already claimed by safehouses when looking to buy a new house, or the amount of mission activity in the area
    14. When you ask your wife to drive because you want to focus on playing but she reminds you you're going for a walk
    15. When you leave the house and say see you in 30 minutes and my husband says see you in 2 hours and he's always right.
    16. When you're an hour late for work even tho you got up early.
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 8
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    17. You have 1 or more alts and you spend equal amounts of time playing each.
    18. The fact that you know what an alt is...
    19. You justify buying the $50 flare pack by skipping lunch for a 1 week
  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 37
    20. I get the kids to play whilst I drive to the shops and tell them do not play the RED ones they costs me med kits :)
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 8
    21. You have actually done at least 3 of anything on this page.... LOL
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 108
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    22. Plan your vacation or time off of work around the Season schedule.
  • qpw_stuqpw_stu Member Posts: 3
    23. You are delighted when the bus gets stuck in traffic on the way to work
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 8
    24. 17 failed attempts, and 97 grenades later... you are still determined you can beat that level 40 epic base
    25. You yell at or call your hero a slacker when he misses a kill
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 8
    26. You are standing outside and use your hand/fingers to "swipe" around to get a 360 view of your surroundings
  • DeathrowsmokerDeathrowsmoker Member Posts: 19
    When you knock back sex cos u gotta finish that lone wolf
  • SassyAssetSassyAsset Member Posts: 9
    27. When you take bus rides just to stock up. 
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 8
    28. when you apologize to your team for not being online because you are at a funeral, and you proceed to drop a few flares because you feel guilty
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 5
    29. you are spending way too much time on the toilet.
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