Cant connect my account to Google Play (it was disconnected for unknown reason)

SuediSuedi Member Posts: 1
Hey guys, I cant connect my account to Google Play after it was disconnected for unknown reason.
The game works fine beside that but im scared to loose my account when my phone crashes or something. Also its annoying to choose my Google Play account every time I start the game
(I only have this account).

When I reconnect it like it is how mit is supposed to be but then nothing happens - even if the game says I'm connected to Google Play.
If you look at my screenshots you'll see what i mean (game version is, I accidently censored it on the screen too).

I tried to delete the cache, made the device maintenance and restarted the phone several times, it didnt help. I also uninstalled the app I downloaded two days ago.

PS: Sorry if my text sounds clunky, im not a native english speaker (i normally play on my language but for the screenshots i changed it)


  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 541
    Hello @Suedi. Could you please contact our Player Support? It's easier to discuss through there this type of cases. 

    We will be waiting for your contact.
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