14.1 - New Update Available!

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What’s new in 14.1?

Track your progress in each Group Board Tile! Each tile now displays the top 10 contributors!

Coming soon:
Brand new Events, and yet-to-be-revealed Heroes & Talents!
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
  • Updated Privacy Policy with the California Notice, and added an opt-out button for targeted advertisements to the game settings
  • Fix for End Season Rewards freeze
  • Fix for Companion's empty health bar on Raider Missions
  • Fix for unstable combat point-of-view
  • Fix for missing card arts on Season Passes
  • Fix for empty map view whilst Free Roaming
  • Fix for freeze when entering a mission at the end of Free Roam Grace Period
  • Fix for missing hand animations on Walker's tutorial
  • Fix for dark shadow on the ground
  • Fix for Flare icon overlapping Compass Rose after traveling to a flare
  • Fix for unable to load Social tab
  • Fix for multiple event tokens displayed in inventory
  • Fix for survivor count visibility on the map
  • Soon: Augmented Reality will be disabled in Combat
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
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