Team with Multiple Scavenger or Contributor Talent - How does it work?

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Hi guys!

Scavenger and Contributor talents do not stack up when using multiple Heroes or Weapon with these talents/mods equipped. For example, Legendary Hershel (20% Contributor chance) and Legendary Negan's SMG (20% chance).

The easiest way to count multiple probabilities is by just checking the chance of neither of these happening. Which in the example of Hershel and Negan's SMG would be 0,8x0,8= 0,64. By subtracting this from 1 it will give you the chance of either or both talents triggering, so 36%.

Note: Both talents triggering will not double twice. So it’s always going to be 2x even if several doubling talents activate.

Extra info by fumpi1988:

Thought this information should also posted here (it's easier to find):

let us take a deeper look in the percentages of the best doubler teams:

without event:

0,85x0,85x0,9x0,9x0,9 -1 (best team and weapon with double coins)

~47,3% chance of double coins

0,8x0,8x0,9x0,9x0,9 - 1 (best contributor team and weapon)

~53,3% chance of double board progress

so how does it looks like with the event? Instead of double the complete percentage, each separate percentage is doubled: 15% goes to 30%, so 0,85 goes to 0,7.

0,7x0,7x0,8x0,8x0,8 -1 (best double coin team and weapon with event)

~74,9% of double coins with event

0,6x0,6x0,8x0,8x0,8 - 1 (best contributor team and weapon with event)

~81,5% chance of double board progress

As you may see, it's nearly impossible to get 100% of the doubler effect, but it's clearly a huge boost.

Stay safe!
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