Upcoming Seasons & Season Pass Heads-Up

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Upcoming Seasons & Season Pass Heads-Up
The Back to the Farm Season is coming to an end on the 16th of September and it's time to let you know what's coming next!

Between the 17th of September and 23rd of September we will once again have a Mini-Season! The second Mini-Season is themed around Assault Rifles, lasts for only one round and will consist of 5 Tiers and a bonus Mystery Tier. In the Mini-Season Shop, you'll be able to unlock or get additional copies of Legendary Morgan's Assault Rifle. More information will be available on September 17th.

Throughout this Mini-Season, a new Battle Pass will also be available (running until 23rd September 23.59 UTC). Please remember to claim all unlocked rewards before the Pass refreshes.
You will start collecting Medals for the new Mini-Season Pass after the current Season Pass has expired, both from Daily and Weekly Missions.

After the Mini-Season, from the 24th of September (noon UTC) onward, it's time to turn our attention to a new Season - Blood Brothers! This season will have 25 tiers, 6 Rounds and last for 6 weeks. The Blood Brothers Season Shop will allow you to be able to unlock one of the most requested Heroes - Merle Dixon!
Date and Time of Group Board Rounds:

All Rounds begin at 12:00 UTC:
  • Round 1: September 24th
  • Round 2: October 1st
  • Round 3: October 8th
  • Round 4: October 15th
  • Round 5: October 22nd
  • Round 6: October 29th
Season ends November 4th.

More info to follow soon, good luck fellow Survivors.
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