Free Roam - Ezekiel's Cane

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Free Roam - Ezekiel's Cane

Hello, Survivors

Many thanks to those of you who have reached out to us with feedback on Ezekiel's Cane Perk in Free Roam.

We have taken a closer look at the Card and adjusted an issue that caused in some cases for the Free Roam speed to be multiplied too aggressively, making it difficult to fully enjoy it, especially when reaching higher levels. The Perk now works as described and as intended.

Thank you for helping us to spot this turbocharged detail!

Side Note: I will be away on holiday starting on Thursday until early October. @NG_ChickenNugg will be covering for me and the Forum Moderators will be here to assist you.

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    Hello guys!
    We understand that you are disappointed, however, the basic speed after unlocking Ezekiel’s Cane was being incorrectly calculated. Without the Ezekiel's Cane, the speed of the Compass is 30 km/h. After unlocking this Perk, at level 1, the Free Roam speed should have been 33 km/h (10% increase) and not 60 km/h (100% increase).
    Please note that we have not changed the based speed of the Free Roam. We have instead fixed how the speed is calculated after unlocking the Cane.
    We are sorry for only spotting this issue now.
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