Ezekiel's Cane Old Speed vs New Speed Comparison

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Thanks to all who left a comment on forums and expressed their opinion on the recent Cane nerf. NG has looked through the feedback and figured the Cane wasn't as fast so they have boosted it on all levels. The level one boost is now 30% (was 10%) and every level raises the boost by another 10% (was 5%). Check out the table below for full breakdown comparison of the old speed vs the new speed. 

Official Card Resource: https://nxtg.ms/OWCardResource

The old speed maxes at 105% at lv 20 and you can get to 105% with the current boost at lv 10.

Discuss the new changes below!

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  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 153
    So let’s do the math.  Let’s say your compass lasts for 5 min, that would mean the increased distance from old to new would be (Done in mph)

    level 1:  .42 miles (2.00 mi vs. 1.58 mi)
    level 2:  .41 miles (2.16 mi vs. 1.75 mi)
    level 3:  .50 miles (2.33 mi vs. 1.83 mi)
    level 4:  .58 miles (2.50 mi vs. 1.92 mi)

    In comparison at level 1 the cane speed was 60 km/h or approx 37 mph, that would give you a total distance traveled of:  3.08 miles or a 35% nerf (vs. the whopping 48% nerf at the original nerfed speed).  

      I’m sorry but personally only telling my I have to eat 13% less of a shit burger makes no difference to me....it’s still a raw deal for your players and NO ONE should be ok with this.  
      You want to punish someone, fire the developer that didn’t test it correctly but don’t sit here and tell the people who pay the bills and keep the lights on that we should just accept it, because honestly I have better things to spend my time and money on.  You allowed us to open Pandora’s box, you need to live with the repercussions on your end not punish us for playing the game the way you designed it.

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  • fumpifumpi Member Posts: 60
    It's nice to hear, that you have the ability for a compromise. As you may see, a lot of players are now a little bit happier. But as you can see in your own annoncement video, the speed is now not the same.

    As I suggest in my last thread, 50% initial and 10% per stage seems to be a good compromise because you have 100% on level 6 which everyone should able to reach.

    Best regards
  • stanbecstanbec Member Posts: 9
    While I have not tried the cane since the new adjustment, I have to say I find it condescending and rude to handle these threads with an approach that seems to be " we heard you and here's what we did , so now we are closing this topic to move on to other things"

    I have not used this forum until the other day as I always felt that forcing it onto your own fully controlled format represented a form of control over the discussions that shouldn't be in your hands.

    Treating your customers like children, and telling them the discussion is now over, is the clear equivalent a saying you have heard enough and is highly offensive. I strongly encourage you to stop this practice.

    You don't need to respond, not that I what expect you to, but as far as I am concerned this topic about your attempts to control the discussions, is NOW CLOSED🤬
  • rotagillArotagillA Member Posts: 21
    I agree, not good enough.  I will not spend, and likely done at the end of the season.  I won’t quit on my team mid-season.
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    @Miggz I disagree. You need to compare the speed with the old advertised speed. The old % on the table is the data released at the same time the Cane came out last Monday via Official Card Resource. There is a big boost to that. 

    @fumpi I agree to disagree personally because NG is working on legendary card rebalance and I see it as a way to upgrade legendaries to higher level faster so until I see the change I think it’s fine for now. NG could have easily done this boost to match with the speed you will upgrade legs in future maybe. 

    @stanbec I was the OP of that post and I requested it to be closed as per the last comment there because the point of that thread was to get NG to boost the Cane in a way and since they did I figured it has run it’s course  :) I apologize if that discussion should have stayed open

    Probably making a video!

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  • Newr0ticNewr0tic Member Posts: 23
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    Is there something wrong with the base speed? I know, it can feel very differently as we were speeding before the nerf, but i don't think, that i'm moving with 48 km/h at level 4.

    Edit: Tested it. Exactly 48 km/h it is, as it should be.
  • fumpifumpi Member Posts: 60
    @Pain Walker where do you get this info from? A way to level Legendary cards faster is a great to hear! 
  • Slayer1Slayer1 Member Posts: 3
    How about we don’t purchase anything else until the devs adjust the speed correctly? I’m at level 4 and it feels like I’m going to same speed I was going with out the perk. If they lose sales they’ll listen to us. 
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    fumpi said:
    @Pain Walker where do you get this info from? A way to level Legendary cards faster is a great to hear! 
    I didn’t say anything special. NG has said multiple times they are working on rebalancing of leg cards 

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MultiPainproduction
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 153
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    @painwalker My numbers are spot on (I even double checked them this morning).  When you're looking at the breakdown, the distances are how far you would travel in a 5 minute period.  The first number is the first "big nerf" distance based off the speed listed in your chart (or back to the original intended speed), the 2nd distance is the distance you would travel based off the "my bad fam" buff they did.  The original distance and nerf % comes DIRECTLY from Filipe where he told us, pre-nerf, how was the bike was going at lvl 1.

     My #'s are correctly applied, its still a way shitty nerf, and I still encourage everyone to not spend another dime on this game till it is reverted.

    Once you've opened pandora's box, you can't put everything back just because you don't like what came out......
  • DaniThornDaniThorn Member Posts: 7
    What @Miggz said ☝
    It was amazing for like twenty minutes, then it was nerfed and I upgraded it four times and it still feels barely faster than it was 🙄
  • BostonLvrBostonLvr Member Posts: 20
    I realize this isn't going to be a popular post but what about a compromise? Create a perk called Turbo (or something similar) that turbo charges the speed of the compass travel coupled with the cane?
     This could give the option of the faster speeds to those that want it (yes, it would have to be a consumable) and not effect the speed of the cane itself for those that prefer a more conservative speed.

    It's been shown that faster speeds are possible.

    Paying since launch, lvl 34
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