NG tells you when to play, or when to pay. Energy from crate controversy!

If i walk my ass off killing zombies, helping teammates buying flares to send me missions, buying compass, terminus maps, baits etx.... why should crates stop giving energy? Or grenades or health kits for that matter? You're double dipping on player spending and fabricating increasingly difficult and energy expensive challenges. Is there any thought perhaps lowering the cost of seasonal progression? Buy flares, grenades, energy, health kits cards even all to push through tiers for insignificant rewards? You're gating things that should freely drop from rewards for exploring or flare sharing. 


  • LivingDeadGrrlLivingDeadGrrl Member Posts: 9
    i agree 100% and i’ll never understand the reasoning behind this setup. it would be like pokémon go locking you out from receiving pokeballs. i’m sure that top teams pay $ for energy, but that’s such a small % of all players. i can count on 1 hand the number of times i’ve spent actual money on energy, and it was only because of racing to finish something up. it’s just not worth it since it’ll be gone so quick and you’ll still be screwed during the remainder of the lockout period. 

    they should do away with it and think of better ways to make money. i can think of a lot of things i’d gladly pay for in the game which aren’t even offered! for example, they could have a special weekend event that requires a paid ticket (would have been fun during the fair!) or make the week in between seasons a free-agent fun for all where a special pass lets you bounce around with no cooldown. or have a mini fest where you earn an exclusive event weapon that’s only useful for other paid mini events. everyone would want shit like that and probably over half of the active players would be willing to spend $5-8 to participate. 

    but locking players out for hours at a time is just the wrong way to go about things. 
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