The Problem with cards, the power level and a possible solution

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Hello Felipe,
Hello rest of NG,

I've thinking a lot about this idea:

The problem:
currently it is nearly impossible to level a specific card when there are several hundreds or thousands cards are missing
Your solution on this for legendaries was the legendary wildcard. Apart of you have to pay for it if you want a useful amount of those cards, it was a great idea.

The Idea:
Wildcards for every rarity of cards

The Solution:
A new building Type where you can get Wildcards.
This building, let us name this "Wildcard fabric" should give you the same amount of (wild)cards in the same rarity as any other bulding.
~95% normal wildcards (yeah, i know this could really suck, but imagine that you can level your new hereos or weapons faster)
~9.5% rare wildcards (this could be very very useful, the new puma for example is hard to level… this weapon is still at 220 for my cause i get no cards for it..)
~0.5% epic wildcards (this it not much, but as much as the other buildings)
~0.2% legendary wildcards (let us be honest: this is not very much, people will still buy the pass to get as much wildcards as they can)

What could be solved with this?

Everyone can now focus on a specific card which he want to level
There is an other free to play chance to get wildcards
Unbalanced cards could be compensated 
New building type for boards

Best regards
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