Armory level 51 !!!

Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
edited September 2020 in Achievements
It's been long.... it's been hard... But after more than a year I have finally achieved my project "AREA 51"  ARMORY.  I want to thank all my generous contributors for making this possible. Especially from my current team "Elite warriors".   Thanx also to the devs for adding days to the timer depending of the level of your building.  It would be great though that it keeps up with higher levels.   At level 51, I still have only 20 days to upgrade it.  That's 11 000 survivors to drop!  Crazy!  I know, this should have been posted in the "Achievments" category but I don't see that category in the menu when I make a "new discussion".  



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