New building type: The Watchtower

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Hi everyone!  This is my suggestion for a new building type to be added in the game.  Please comment what you think of my idea.

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    I know that they will consider how much money they might loose because of potentially less flare bought by players, but I don't think it would make a big change. I use all the flares I can all the time to help my team with specific missions and that won't change.  It is a feature that will add equity to the game. People living in less densely populated region will be able to have more fun. The free roam already does that I agree but it will just give it a nice twist by combining the two.   
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    It could be upgrated for duration and to see more far (Like moto)
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    I like this idea.  When I started this game I placed buildings around my house.  Well there is not a lot going on around my house so I always have to leave my area to get to the dense mission areas and since I live in the country it usually miles and miles away.  This would help me tremendously by being able to zoom back to my community and drop survivors off there.  Something feels a little off about the count down though.  Maybe something along the line that you must have 3 different active structures up in order for the watchtower to available and be placed, or something along those lines.  And maybe able to be upgraded thru the total number of survivor that are added to the safe houses surrounding it almost keeping a total count off all structures you put in them.  And when upgraded it expands your playing circle much like Darrls bike does,  just makes it slightly bigger, the bigger your community gets.
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    SUPERB idea!
    If $ is the issue you could make it a subscription like the bike (my apologies if this has been suggested, I just skimmed replies). Living in a small village surrounded by rural roads I would certainly consider this a step toward balancing.

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    @BostonLvr I would realy prefer if this feature remains free for everyone.  My intention with this suggestion is tho make things more fair between players.  That the fact that you live in a less densely populated area does not make your game experience less entertaining than for the players who live in big cities with tons of battles all around them.  If you make that another "pay to win" feature... it brakes all its reason to be.   (sorry for my english, I hope you understand my point)
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    I have made many suggestions for this game because I love it.   But this one is my favorite.  I would realy like to have it included in the game.  If you have read the comic books and watch the TV series,  you sure  know that "watch towers"  are very present in them.  It is something crucial to the survival of all the people still alive.  That's why incorporating it in the game would be a "perfect fit" . 
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    Yes, do it.   I like it too.  Also, make a Radio perk card so people could travel / talk between watch towers.
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    @scottmag14 I am not sure if the "radio perk" was intended as a joke but you know it could be a cool idea.  The radio perk could allow you to have acces to someone else watchtower.  The more you upgrade the card, the more friend's watchtowers you could visit.  But it should stay at a relatively low number like maybe 5 max.... or the devs won't be happy...he he.   It could be used to coordinates bait parties between teams.  That would be fun.

    and the card could look like this!!  

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    I re-thought my idea about linking the new card "Dale's binoculars" to this WATCHTOWER suggestion.  Initially, I suggested that the card, as you improve it, would add days to the duration of the watchtower but I think now that it would be better if it gradually increases the range of sigh of the tower .  I even made a mock-up of how the card could look!  😁

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    The watch tower sounds great. When I leave for holidays it sucks cause I know my buildings will be gone when I get back, but a watch tower could let me drop off survivors while I’m away. 
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