I’m level 22 and still after an epic amount of health and time not able to pass level 15 raider bases. Guns are at 200 207 hero’s  higher .. what are use playing at guys .. I’m 7 above and still no fruits for labour. Have u forgot about this game because that shouldn’t be right surely 


  • capricacaprica Member Posts: 2
    The guardian sniper rifle works the best for me. And have at least 1 melee hero. In second position. This took a bit to figure out, the key is the guardian. I hope this helps
  • qpw_stuqpw_stu Member Posts: 4
    I've got my Falcon way OP, so usually use that for bases but can clear a 21 with Negan's SMG at 210.  Best combo for me is top sniper in 1st then Melee in 2nd.  The sniper rarely gets hurt and the poor melee is cannon fodder to draw the fire. 3rd and 4th are doublers or whoever is needed for the board.  I have every melee hero powered up just enough to survive the majority of bases without going down so they can be cycled to minimised health kit usage.

    Saviour van perk also makes a big difference so I always level that as soon as I can.
  • knoxwebbjknoxwebbj Member Posts: 3
    Same for me until my weapons hit around 220 power
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