Upcoming changes to Player Power Level and the Dynamic Difficulty Range

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Upcoming changes to Player Power Level and the Dynamic Difficulty Range

The difficulty of most missions on the map are determined dynamically by your Player Power Level (PPL) and the highest level of missions you have played. To allow for mission levels to more accurately reflect your wide range of weapon and hero levels, we are making changes to the way your Player Power Level (PPL) is calculated.

Changes to calculating PPL:
Starting November 12th at noon UTC, your Player Power Level will be calculated using the power level of your second, third, fourth, and fifth-highest weapon and hero cards. With new cards being added to the game we feel this is more representative of your overall collection.

Changes to calculating difficulty range of missions:
Along with the changes to how PPL is calculated, the way mission difficulty range is calculated will be changed as well. The lower end of your mission difficulty range will be extended downwards by one for every 5 levels of PPL. 
As an example, if your player power level is 9, the easy mission difficulty range will be 6-11 (-3 to +2), but if your player power level is 23 the easy missions level will be 17-25 (-6 to +2).
You can still extend the range of hard missions you see by playing higher level missions. If you don't play the hardest level missions you see on the map (that level is determined by the hardest mission you have ever won + 1, ie. "max difficulty"), the levels will start decreasing over time.
Please note that the changes to how PPL and Mission Level difficulty are calculated will not effect your upper range of missions. The highest mission level you have completed will remain the same and you will continue to see missions at that level.

Player Power Level
New Easy Mission Range  
-2 / +2
-3 / +2
-4 / +2
-5 / +2
-6 / +2
-7 / +2
-8 / +2
-9 / +2
-10 / +2
-11 / +2
-12 / +2
-13 / +2

Changes to Group Board mission level requirements:
With the changes to Player Power Level and the dynamic difficulty range, the mission level requirements of tiles on the Group Board will be adjusted downward to account for the wider range of missions players will see.
For more information about this, please check the FAQ: http://nxtg.ms/LetsTalkAboutDifficulty
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    You can find an updated PPL Calculation sheet in the Our World Community Folder under "PPL Calculation Resources". An updated  Team version is now available and located in the same location. To use please download the files for your own personal use. They can easily be copied or uploaded to Google Drive for easy access. 

    If you have any questions about the PPL Resource you can reach out to me in DM. 


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