The all-new "Friendly teams" Hub : suggestion

Hi,  I miss the time when we could go from one team to the other and make friends everywhere in the world.  I know we will never get back to that but with the difficulty teams are facing now for recruiting new players I came up with this proposal for a major change in the social of the game that would make a lot of people happy I think.  Please, comment what you think of my idea.



  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
    I have thought of something else.  What if we could in that same hub, help another team without having to actually transfer to that team?   There could be an option that let you "switch your contribution" to another team.  You could then see their board and chat with them and once the job is done, re-switch your contribution to your own team.  I know that would introduce a new aspect to the game;  it would mean that a team could have more than 25 players working for it for a certain time.  But what's the problem with that?   It would even encourage players to spend even more money in the game to buy energy to get those Friendly tokens.  But again... if we make a parallelle with the TV serie,  if Alexandria is facing an infestation of walkers and ask the help of The Hilltop colony.... they will be a big bunch of peoples fighting against it for a time and then everyone would go back home.  
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
    I dont think the helping players should be able to use the other teams flares though.  They would have to rely on their own team's flare to help.  I would not want to see this feature to be used by the top teams to gather together and do colossal baits parties.   This is not the point of my proposal.
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