Help in Transferring Game to New Phone

MoselyMosely Member Posts: 2
Hi. We have new phones but on transferring from old phone to new phone using Smart switch,  it wouldnt allow us to go on. Does anyone have any idea please how to do this? Mosely is my user name


  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 515
    Are you switching from.....
     Android to Android
    iOS to iOS
    iOS to Android
    Android to iOS

    How you go about the change over is going to depend on which device you had and which device you now have. 
  • MoselyMosely Member Posts: 2
    Hi.. its Android to Android. 

  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 515
    edited November 2020
    That is a fairly easy process thankfully.

    Android to Android Transfer.
    If you need help with another device switch combination you should contact in game support

    Old Device (Android): 
    Open Our World and make sure your game is connected to Google Play Games in your profile settings. You will need to use the same Google Play Games email on your new device. 

    New Device (Android):
    Download Our World from the Google Play Store.

    Sign in to you Google Play Games Account used on your old Device in the Google Play Games App.

    Open Our World and play through the tutorial fully including the Free Roam Tutorial (do not try to bypass). 

    At some point it will ask you to select a Profile name & Avatar. Use something other then your name on your actual account (account on other device) so you know which account is which. 

    Once that is done go to the Game Profile section in Our World and connect it to your Google Play Games Account.  You should get a pop up telling you there is an account saved and  asking which one you want to select. Select your actual Account (account from old phone).  It will then bring your account over that is saved in Google Play Games
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 515
    If you get stuck you can always reach out to I  game support via the Our World app  under the FAQ & Contact button in your profile settings for more assistance. 
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