Free Roam - Riding a Horse

Why not be like The Walking Dead shows and ride a horse like they do to get around? This could be a free roam perk? I would rather ride a horse than walk around during free roam. It would get me farther along the map.


  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 40
    It's an interesting idea.  But as soon as I said  that I realized that next game could see in that another opportunity to take cash out of us. Right now Daryl's bike cost 14$ for 30 days... for many players it's too much.  What if for half that price, you could get a horse!! Which would give you a little something different.  Speed! And also, some daily energy (let say 20)  and some gold (20 also).  But instead of giving you a doubled range of view, it would give double speed.  Could the 2 be combined?  Mmmm that, i don't know. He he. 
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