Team Bonus for Safehouses

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The problem: Currently, because of the founder and leader bonuses, there's a disincentive to contribute to other players' safehouses; you get more cards from dropping survivors in a lvl 1 safehouse that you own than a lvl 20+ safehouse that another player owns. This renders safehouse leaderboards kinda pointless, since contributing survivors is wasteful for everybody except the founder. It's particularly a shame when it comes to safehouses owned by teammates, which would otherwise be a good opportunity for cooperative gameplay.
A simple tweak that could improve this: Make the founder bonus apply to all members of the founder's team. That would encourage team members to help each other maintain high-level safehouses and provide a reason to compete for the leader position, while retaining an incentive for each player to build up their own safehouse.

Honestly I'd like even more fleshed-out reasons to interact with safehouses, both my teammates' and those I stumble across... but this tweak would be a start. At least it would make the multiplayer element of safehouses not universally pointless.


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    I think you are touching a very important point here.  It is true that when you decide to help a teamate saving one of his buildings, you have to "sacrifice" some of your profit.  Considering the fact that I am receiving around 5000-6000 coins in average when I drop in my buildings.... helping a friend to save his should give me a little something.   One of my teamates suggested that we should remove the founder and leader bonus...  and make it equal every where.   That way you could drop anywhere and receive the same thing.  Like you are saying, it would encourage team work and cooperation much more.
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    How about give the founder one of that building material back when his building is upgraded?   That would incentivize building.   

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    How about give the founder one of that building material back when his building is upgraded?   That would incentivize building.   

    Something along those lines seems like a reasonable alternate incentive if the founder bonus were to be removed altogether.
    That said, I'm not 100% sold on building materials being the "reward" founders get upon upgrade since that would create a positive feedback loop - players who've already built buildings would have an easier time building new buildings, which would make it easier for them to build new buildings, which would make it easier... Etc. Might lead to fewer players overall building stuff. Then again, materials aren't exactly scarce so maybe that's a non-issue.
    ...But I think the same basic idea would still be an improvement with other rewards (extra coins, cards, some nominal amount of gold, whatever). The founder reaps some extra benefit in long run without other contributing players being punished every time they make a drop.
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