Energy paks/crates

I think it'd be greatly beneficial to make some of the energy crates available throughout the week, made available all the time in the store. NG could make profit and people like me who just hate chasing crates but has more money to spend, would love to keep my energy above 500 all the time. Just a wee idea


  • PunjabettePunjabette Member Posts: 1
    It would be nice if you could up the cap for crate items like health bags, energy , compasses, grenades etc. Everyone goes through them so fast as you  get higher up and it gets harder you  only  get 5 minutes  of play time. Which let's face it during a pandemic is really annoying and expensive when we are already choosing between food and bills for households. Especially considering the amount of space the game takes up on the phone so we could easily just download another game that we could get way more than 5 minutes of play time. People don't have a lot of extra cash right now but need something to take their minds off of what's going on in the world. 
  • liftindivaliftindiva Member Posts: 21
    If you aren't willing to add additional energy paks then raising the cap would be an ok compromise. Except I'd still be chasing crates and I hate that. Kudos Punjabette and well said 
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