Upcoming Seasons & Season Pass Heads-Up

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Upcoming Seasons & Season Pass Heads-Up
A Very Good Season is coming to an end on the 23rd of December and it's time to let you know what's coming next!

Between the 24th of December and 6th of January we will have a special Winter Season! The Winter Season lasts for two rounds and will consist of 15 Tiers. In the Winter Season Shop, you'll be able to unlock or get additional copies of Legendary Daryl's Crossbow, Legendary Morgan's AR, Legendary Rick's Silenced Pistol, Legendary Reclaimer Shotgun or Legendary Negan's SMG! More information will be available on December 24th.

Throughout this Winter Season, a new Battle Pass will also be available (running until 6th January 23.59 UTC). Please remember to claim all unlocked rewards before the Pass refreshes.

You will start collecting Medals from Daily and Weekly Missions for the new Winter Season Pass after the current Season Pass has expired.

After the Winter Season, from the 7th of January (noon UTC) onward, it's time to turn our attention to a new Season! This season will have 25 tiers, 6 Rounds and last for 6 weeks. The Season Shop will allow you to unlock or get additional copies of Legendary Assassin Bow!

More info to follow soon, good luck fellow Survivors.
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