DC Alliance is Recruiting for the Mini-season and Beyond

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Are you ready to take your zombie slaying to the next level? Looking for a team that matches your play style and will have your back? Have a lot of laughs while clearing boards? If so, Dead County could be the perfect fit for you! B
The DC alliance has been actively playing and growing since 2018. Our family has grown to include over 250 members with 7 main teams. Whether you’re determined to clear tier 25 or just wanting to enjoy the game with active players, we can find a spot for you. DC Team Minimums *Mission count requirements are subject to change up until the start of the next season
  • DC Suicidal TenDnCs (2.0k)
  • DC Guns (1.6k)
  • DC Grateful (1k)
  • DC Zero (1k)
  • DC Kiss (800)
  • DC Ground (500 - Newly formed)
  • DC Undertow (400) 
  • DC Banshees (100)

We like to have a good time while kicking zombie butt. Players can expect to join a very active alliance, find extra entertainment inside our discord channels, be able to participate in fun in-house mini challenges, show off their accomplishments, brag about scores, get help/tips/guidance from any of our experienced members, get help with any missing cards, and be a valued member of our family.

If this sounds like the place for you, please join our recruitment gateway on discord and we’ll get you into a team ASAP. Or, come on by to chat with us and learn more https://discord.gg/UvXFSK2



  • LootSpawnLootSpawn Member Posts: 3
    Another season down with this awesome alliance! As always, so glad y’all found me and brought me into the family. It’s been an amazing ride and can’t wait for more
  • DC_KiwiDC_Kiwi Member Posts: 1
    Such an awesome team. Thank you for accepting me; being such a new player. 
    I hope to stay for many more seasons. 
  • MrGooseMrGoose Member Posts: 2
    An awesome alliance , a lot of fun) love it. If you want to see a crazy Goose on the Loose, just join our family;)
  • DaniThornDaniThorn Member Posts: 2
    I've been playing with the alliance for about two years now, and I wouldn't play anywhere else 🥰
    They're like a lovely family, I've played in all of their teams at one time or another depending on my activity. 
    Also, plenty of NSFW going on as well 😂
  • AshyslashyAshyslashy Member Posts: 29
    We have available spots at reset in a few teams, come over our recruitment and we will help you out. You will love our big Family 
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