Sanguinari Ita is looking for 4 new players! Last season #18 in leaderboard

MoraVMoraV Member Posts: 2
edited December 2020 in Group Recruitment
Team Name:  Sanguinari Ita
Space available: 4
Requirements: 1000 missions/week
Team Communication Method: Telegram
Hello guys! We're looking for new players for this mini-season. Join us if you want to kill and have fun!


  • Qed_JenQed_Jen Member Posts: 2
    You still need players starting with the new season? I'm level 28. I've killed 1.4 million walkers, and I'm getting kind of tired of carrying my current team every week. One or two of us have been playing together since the beginning, but we've merged and lost members over the years, that I'm thinking about making a switch. I play daily, but I want to at least finish this mini-season out with them. 

    We've only ever made it to tier 15, and I know with a more active team I could be hitting higher tiers, there's just only so much you can do on your own. 
  • FabyoFabyo Member Posts: 16
    Je  t ai mp 
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