ADK Zombie Club Seeking 3 New Members

Come join a great team! The ADK Zombie Club is a diverse team of fun-loving players of all ages and backgrounds from around North America and often from around the globe. There are only 3 requirements: be polite and respectful, play regularly, and have FUN! 
Member levelsCurrent members range from level 10-29, so it's super easy to fit in with the team. If you're a bit lower, that's okay as long as you actively play. If your level is higher, cool!
Requirements: We're a perfect balance of hard play and respect for your real life. Daily play is desired, but if you cannot play from time to time, then play when you can (and let the team leaders know of any extended absence). Active members are not required to be top players on challenge squares, though it is a joy to see everyone's shining hero face there when possible. "Skimmers" don't last, but active players do. In respect of our wide range of ages and backgrounds, members must be polite in both behavior and language .
Team Communication: Game Chat & Discord (optional)
Additional Information: We are a well-established, fun, friendly, high-performing team with some highly dedicated power players. We presently have members from the U.S, Canada, the UK, and often from around the world. We welcome new members from anywhere and everywhere. Our common language is English. There are members playing or chatting most hours of the day and night. We're all about the challenge, camaraderie, and fun!
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