Group Challenge Idea

loyn88loyn88 Member Posts: 2
I had this idea, sort of like a bait but make it a group thing, where the leader can activate it and it shoots a flare out where they are and everyone can go there for 12 hours or something, make it to where you cant do other activities around but only the group one. And at the flare have some sort of raid mechanic whether its an massive and infestation where your entire group have to contribute damage to it, and when you die your damage carries over. Maybe have it cost energy and allow like 3-4 attacks per person every two or so hours, then when you finish it, whoever participated gets a reward and make it go up in difficulty. You could add some sort of tickets to challenges and as your group does challenges you get tickets and from maybe dailies for your group, but use those tickets to start these “raids”. Just a random thought/idea. Also a perk card that shortens your energy time from 5 min down or whenever you do gain energy you get two instead of 1 from the perk card. Let me know what you guys think or if this is a terrible idea lol
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