**Left4Dead Active players Wanted**

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The L4D alliance is a small community of international bad-ass zombie slayers. We consist of three main groups, and one casual group. The requirements for each group are all outlined below. 

Currently recruiting for L4D-Survivors:
 A rare opportunity to bring a few active players with you! We have 13 seats open to anyone willing to commit to at least 500 missions completed/ 5000 kills per week. Feel free to jump into our discord server and we’ll help you get set up, link below!

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Team requirements:

Level 20+ 
10K+ kills week
1K+ missions per week 

7.5K+ kills weekly 
750+ missions per week

5K+ kills weekly 
500+ missions per week

No requirements


We stay organized through an amazing discord server, with features like daily energy reset reminders and all the memes and gifs you can handle. We also track weekly stats to ensure we are all contributing. 

Seats typically fill quick, so please let me know if you’re interested or have any questions. There is always the ability to move to higher teams  or lower within the alliance based on your killing needs.

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    @lBrownThunderl Wow! very cool presentation of your Teams.  Good job.  I would be very interested if I was not already looking for players for my own team.  he he he.  I am sure you will find players.  
  • lBrownThunderllBrownThunderl Member Posts: 2

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