Change is how stats are counted.

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Currently the Missions Played(PM) and Missions Completed(MC) are counted for every mission played/completed even if it does not count towards the boards and even all played missions after boards have closed.
What I would suggest is having 1 point added to MP for all Missions Played, weather completed or not that would have counted towards any active board tiles. Also add 1 point to MC but only for missions that were completed. See next image.

So after this mission players would get +1 MC & +1 MP but if the missions wasn't completed say if battle canceled or battle lost then only +1 MP would be awarded.
To make things even better you could double the MC & MP with weapon/hero's that have double missions talents like Negan's SMG, Leg/Rare Hershel, etc. So if the challenge progress values got the 2x talent then so would the +1 MC/MP but only if the battle was successful. IF not successful then MP would only get a +1.
Also these +1 MP & MC at the "successful" completion of a mission would be +1 MC & +1 for each tile contribution. See next image. It would be +2 & +2 if the 2x contributor was activated.

It would be +2 & +2 if the 2x contributor was activated. See Next Image.

This should also work for survivor drops too. For each survivor dropped we should get 1 MC only if it is a tiled mission on current board.

+1 MC for each crate collected too if crates are needed for board missions.

Could also use the Contributor multiplier for Crates and drops if hero or weapon are equipped at time of survivor drop or crate pickup too.
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