Card collection sorting

The current sorting order of cards in our card collection doesn't really make sense. Well it's makes about 50% sense.
Currently it seems like they are sorted via Level then via Power Level.
I think that Damage should also be taken into account for sorting because I see some hero's and weapons that are stronger(Damage) then others at the same level and power are much lower in the sort order.
First image is how my Hero's/Weapons are currently sorted and second is how I think they should be sorted.

This is how I think they should be sorted.



  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 29
    What about instead of a single push button add a filter to check or uncheck what you want to see.
    Sort button can stay but add Damage, by type.
    add a filter to check say if you want to see only hand guns.  You check the block.
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 29
    Up on top can be added (to the right of the sorting button) a drop down menu tab a filter like on ebay. Where you can have separated categories scroll list and check a box for what you want displayed.  I attached a image for general purpose as an idea for it. Thank you.
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