Nation Wars - Our World Edition

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If you are reading this try and think about all alliances and Groups. Now try and imagine if none of those alliances or current Groups existed for a week. 
It's just you and your fellow country players racing to reach the top spot on the Leaderboard. 
Team USA and Team UK fighting it out for 1st place? What if Team Russian takes it instead? Let's not forget about Team Japan and Australia and all the other possible teams that can participate. 
Looking at the leaderboard and seeing only National teams in what can be the biggest ever player organised community Event on a GLOBAL SCALE!
This is Nation Wars Our World Edition. The super successful Event from No Man's Land brought to the Our World Audience in the Ultimate Nation Showdown. 
Are you interested to represent your Country? 
After the event everyone goes back to their normal Groups/Alliances and normal life continues.

Probably making a video!

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