Token Event: Eye for an Eye

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Eye for an Eye Event

Join Carl in this rescue event to earn the first of three Sheriff Tokens needed to unlock Epic Shane Walsh - the newest Hero in Our World.
Complete Rescue Missions to collect Rescue Tokens which can be exchanged in the Event Shop for your first Sheriff Token and other great rewards! You can earn a maximum of 1 Sheriff Token during this event.
Sheriff Tokens are needed to unlock Shane and to get additional cards during the third event that starts on February 1st.
Rescue Tokens will expire at the end of this event, while Sheriff Tokens will carry over from event to event expiring at the end of the third event.
Event Dates
Starts on Monday, January 18th at 09:00 UTC and ends on Friday, January 22nd at 09:00 UTC.
How to earn Rescue Tokens?

Earn 10 Rescue Tokens by completing Common and Rare Rescue Missions. Earn an extra 2 Tokens by using Carl Grimes.
Event Offers
  • Sheriff Token -> Exchange 1000 Rescue Tokens for 1 Sheriff Token.
  • Legendary & Epic Heroes Draw -> Exchange 250 Rescue Tokens for 1 Legendary & Epic Heroes Draw. 
  • Rare Carl Grimes -> Exchange 250 Rescue Tokens 2 times for 150 Cards. 
  • Rare Dale's RV -> Exchange 250 Rescue Tokens 2 times for 150 Cards. 
  • Big Energy Crate -> Exchange 500 Rescue Tokens for 1 Big Energy Crate.
  • Roamer Crate -> Exchange 500 Rescue Tokens for 1 Roamer Crate.
Minimum Level Requirements
The event is available for everyone on level 5 or above.
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