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The Ring Alliance is looking for all level players, teams and mergers.

We are a growing family of teams boasting players from around the world!

Our mission is to bring like-minded people together to build a community that is fun and engaging. By working together, we will entertain, inform and inspire great experiences for everyone.

We’re looking for active, drama-free players and teams that want to have fun, play daily, learn/improve on/advance in the game, flip boards and be involved in our community.

Minimum level to join: We welcome all levels...we have teams ranging from No Minimum to 20+ player level required teams to join! Seasoned players and Newbies welcome! Come learn from us! Active alts. welcome as well!

Requirements: We have a team to fit everyone! We have daily active play requirements on most teams but we do have casual play teams as well.

We have no minimum MC’s (free play teams) through to 1000+ MC/week required teams.

Team Communication Method: Must join Discord (it’s free and fun!)

So stop by and check us out! You’ll be glad you did!

Discord Link:
NOTE: Please NO spoofers/cheaters, we play clean!

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