missions don't load - Negan's SMG appears to be the cause

FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
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I can load the game, chat in group chat, port to flares and click on crates etc.
However, when I go to try a mission the game gets stuck on loading screen.
I have restarted phone, switched from wifi to data on cell, re-installed game etc. 
Nothing seems to fix.  Has anybody else experienced this?

Sometimes after restarting the app it will work for a mission or two then go back to the same loading screen.



  • PapushkaPapushka Member Posts: 12
    Trying to use Negan's SMG in missions causes the game to freeze. The mission will never load but will still cost you energy. Happens to many players in my team and in other teams as well. Everyone I asked so far is an Android user, so I don't know if this is only an Android specific bug.

    Papushka (lvl29, WDGAF)
  • tonyktonyk Member Posts: 2
    If you open the Negan SMG card, it only shows the background and leaves you there,

  • Betty1976Betty1976 Member Posts: 4
    My husband is having the same problem, also tryed everything except re-installing the game.
    send a ticket but no respons
    also gave a bad revieuw on google play
    with al the problems this week my husband is thinking of quiting...
  • lolocopter24lolocopter24 Member Posts: 18
    Try not using Negans SMG, seems to be that weapon that's causing the problems

  • FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
    Negan's SMG is my go to normally, but the current board is mostly shotgun related so i have been using the rare Jackhammer Shotgun when the issues started for me.
    I am waiting for a response from support as well; just wasnt sure if there were other ways to troubleshoot it from my end.  
  • FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
    Try not using Negans SMG, seems to be that weapon that's causing the problems

    You might be right, I was crashing/getting hung up on raider bases which i would have switched to Negan's SMG on. I tried a couple of other missions and they worked fine; tried the SMG and it froze up.

    Too bad I just leveled it up this morning lol.... 
  • Betty1976Betty1976 Member Posts: 4
    Okay, so my husband was using the negan's SMG, he changed it and the game fully loaded and he could play the game normally...
    Hope it's just a glitch then....
  • FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
    I just tested this again, used a blue weapon on a rescue mission.
    mission started fine, retreated.  did same mission w Negan's SMG and it froze up.

    This has got to be the issue.

    Thx for help guys.
    It does suck stunting the groups progress now; but sounds like we are lucky given some of the other issues that are circulating.
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 129
    Yup.   Same issue with that SMG.  You lose the energy too 
  • FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
    lol yeah :<
  • Gambit2204Gambit2204 Member Posts: 7
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    Even after a restart of the game, reset of their phones, etc, etc. the issue’s still active :’(
  • xmkhlxmkhl Member Posts: 1
    Having the same issue. Restarted and reinstalled game. I can spend money in the shop, drop off survivors, roam, place flares and pick up supply crates, but I can't do any missions. I just get a loading screen with 3 dots. It was working for about 30 minutes and then stopped again.
  • Betty1976Betty1976 Member Posts: 4
    My husband also had to do his third try in the survivor master series and he lost it with the negan smg...
  • FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
    did mine in the morning before there were any issues! phew

  • Bacon_TheoneBacon_Theone Member Posts: 1
    In the same boat here, also did restart and reboot but getting the same on loading screen, shame I was just about to get a much needed epic encounter... 
  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 59
    It's negans smg that is causing the problems
  • JaycaydussJaycayduss Member Posts: 12
    I agree, I have the same problem in game. With negan smg only. And I'm on android. 
  • bollaricebollarice Member Posts: 2
    can confirm - unable to play any mission with negans smg as of a few hours ago.
  • bollaricebollarice Member Posts: 2
    confirmed - following for fix.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 619
    Could you please post your in game name, player level and group name here so that NG can look into this further. The information is helpful for knowing who exactly is having issues 

  • etyasetyas Member Posts: 1
    I'm having issue when using negan smg

    Etyas 28 Halfmoon
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 662
    Morning everyone,

    Could you try now? Does the issue still happen?

    Thank you.
  • PlayerDPlayerD Member Posts: 2
    Hi, The problem remains.

  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 662
    Hello @PlayerD

    Can you please let me know your game details (nickname, level, group)?
  • PlayerDPlayerD Member Posts: 2
    Fix, it already works for me.👍
  • bluerabbitbluerabbit Member Posts: 2
    I was having the issue last night.   Fixed this morning!
  • JaycaydussJaycayduss Member Posts: 12
    It's working now, thanks for your help
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