End of season rewards

LeginmaxLeginmax Member Posts: 34
Hi guys the original post on this has been closed and you have stated that the compensation pack is in Atherton store to make up for the +1 tier rewards in relation to the glitch that effected players last week.
The compensation crate was received by all our group but in my original thread I stated that we received end of season rewards one tier below where we finished on tier 19, we got tier 18 rewards.
So your compensation crate took us to our original level but not to the +1. Please look into this again 


  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 608

    When NG changed the EOS to Tier +1 they updated  the in game EOS listings to reflect the change. Unfortunately the system was unable to execute the change and delivered  the Tier EOS bases on the original Tier EOS listed at the beginning of the season.  These can be found on the Days Gone Bye Season Information Post in the Tier Board Graphics. 

  • LeginmaxLeginmax Member Posts: 34
    Hi Dahlia   I don’t have the screenshots to prove it but I’m sure I checked end of season rewards before the glitch and what now shows as tier 19 was tier 18 rewards should it not have gone the other way tier 20 rewards down to tier 19 that would have been the +1 ?
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