Hi-End player support?

As a lvl 31 player who has way lower legendary weapons that are the missions I see (and common weapons useless), I wonder when the long-promised leg rebalance will happen?

I have spent a lot of money in this game, mostly on flares (not proud of it), but there's no enjoyment when you have capped coins, capped commons, capped rares....and the next upgrades I want are legs, with ridiculous nunbers if cards in comparison to drops.

Please, devs, give us some answers. Is it time to quit?



  • lolocopter24lolocopter24 Member Posts: 12
    Legendary rebalancing should been a much higher priority than introducing more weapons/heroes that will also be useless for high PPL players
  • FiriFiri Member Posts: 16
    Leg and somewhat epic power has always been an issue. With the upper gen pop starting to hit cap again its become more painfully obvious to people. 

    On the low end, new player progression is starting to have issues as well, but that is a different topic.
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