Legendary encounters - the legendaries?



  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 145
    edited May 2021
    I did 12 of these on legendary Thursday.  Only because that’s all I can find in my area (driving around) and a couple in some of my groups 20+ flares that were up.  I got legendary cards 4 times but each time I did, I actually got 2 of that card.   One buddy got almost every time.  This is how frequent they should be coming without a event.  And those who didn’t get any should be corrected.  Legendary encounters are the same energy as epic encounters yet you get rare cards and a pathetic amount.  At least get rid of the rare cards and award epic or legendary only.  Plus, there was definitely no increase in legendary missions.  If anything at a generous almost the same as the week before.

    Earlier someone commented on my post that to get a good ratio it has to be out of 500 missions.  Well that’s done. And I got one legendary card at the very end.  Just do everyone a favor and either fix it or get rid of it because if the rewards won’t change no one wants to see it.  I’m not upset or anything,  I’m just being blunt.  Thank you.
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