Namechange for Gold? Srsly?

fumpifumpi Member Posts: 58
Guys.. seriously? There was a free feature, the namechange. Everybody could change his name as often as he would. 

Then you took this feature from us (like legendary missions..)
now it comes back, all 48hrs (which is ok!). But.. 500 gold? 
Guys do you need money or what?

Seriously.. this is .. sad. 


  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 613
    Unlimited free name changes caused a lot of issues in a lot of different ways in different areas of the game.  They decided to limit the name change to a single name change which isn't unusual. Because of feedback they decided to offer players who wanted to change their name a way to do that. It is not at all unusual for games to not allow players to change their names or to make name changes  only available for a fee. Instead of costing actual $ they have made it so it is done using gold which can be obtained by all players for free by watching ads. 

  • LeeOLeeO Member Posts: 3
    Gier kennt keine Grenzen. 
    Und die Hurensöhne schämen sich nicht einmal. 
  • Mille7197Mille7197 Member Posts: 1
    Gold kann jeder kostenlos bekommen der aktiv ist und die Videos schaut, das Spiel ist und bleibt ja dadurch kostenlos. Und wenn es Dir nicht gefällt, einfach das Spiel und Deinen Acc löschen, einfach und fertig. Und für Deine Wortwahl bekommst Du hoffentlich noch die passende Reaktion der Mods hier 
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