Coins to Cards Week (24 May through 30 May)

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Coins to Cards Week (24 May through 30 May)

Coins to Cards Week brings a unique opportunity to exchange your excess coins for cards, as well as an opportunity to earn even more coins to exchange for the awesome cards that will be on offer in the Our World Shop! 

On three random days during the week, the Shop will contain a special card offer that can be exchanged for coins - so don’t forget to check the Shop each day so you don’t miss out, and let your group-mates know in case they miss the offer in the Shop! The offer will vary on each of the three days and be based on your player level. One card will be available to exchange for coins at a time, with additional offers of the same card (at a greater quantity) being revealed after each exchange. After you make the first coins to cards exchange, a second offer will unlock, and then a third offer. A fourth offer will unlock for players at level 21+ only.

A different offer will be available for players level 7 to 14, players level 15 to 20, and players level 21+.

In addition, and to help you collect all the cards on offer, between May 24th 08.00 UTC and May 31st 08.00 UTC players will receive Double Coins from dropping survivors at Trading Posts AND Scavenger Talent will have twice (double) the chance to activate!

So get out there and collect those coins!!
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